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Rudolf Farský & son
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The excat date of establishing in case of our company still stays unkown. We can find it around 1900. It was founded in The Nouzov School and later Restaurant by Josef Farský, who had married into there. The company carried a name "Josef Farský, joiner for construction, even for furniture".


The first mention about our company brings this photography. The firm was able to be proud of 2 - 3 employees. In the time, when electrocity was not for disposition, there was taken advantage of a nature wind power. By help of transmissions the turning motion of a propeller was brought to all machines in the workshop of ours. The start of working was almost anytime, namely according to windness. By progression of time the windmill was got in connection with a generator and all machines were electrified. A great "thanks" belongs just to this event, due to having a chance to make the first household with electrocity. The firm obviously dealt with a manufacturing all kinds of products, which are produced up to the present day, like doors, floors, any furniture and so on.

After Josef`s death the company was taken onto the Rudolf`s hands (1898 - 1969). This man totally cancelled the mentioned windmill and made a substitution for the different type of an engine (which was absolutely destroyed in the communist ages in 1948, then confiscated and under the pressure of threat pulled away). The firm associated with a engineer Bareš from Semily and both together opened a production of threshing machines under a label REPUTANT. In spite of a classic joiner`s production the company also engaged in a toy and inkpot branch.


After 1948, due to having communist regime, employing people and even finally operation of our firm used to be prohibited. Even though during next 40 years the company had really suppressed activity, the communist idea was not taken in!!! In that time, there was a share manufacture with JZD, where son Rudolf (1933 - 1992) used to work with his son Rudolf (1955).

After the revolution in 1990 both together established the company TRUFA - Zakázkové truhlařství Farský, which means in translation: "Made-To-Order Joiner`s Farsky" and began with private enterprise.In today`s time Trufa is led by Rudolf Farský (1955). Since 2002 the youngest Rudolf (1983) has actively joined in work.

Now Trufa devotes all joiner`s activities as 100 years ago. But information about the offer of our products is on other pages of this presentation.

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